​​In 1941, Henry Ford unveiled what may soon be considered the most important invention in history...a nearly carbon neutral automobile made from and powered by plants like cannabis. Astonishingly, it was two and a half times greener than electric vehicles are today. How it was made, and how it was powered made it the greenest car in history.

Our mission at Renew, is to pick up where Mr. Ford left off, yet go beyond...helping to make not only our cars, but all of today's existing cars carbon negative cars by 2025. 

Renew Sports Cars

During 2020, only a limited number of hand made, custom built to order "signature" models will be produced.


about renew


Renew designs and manufactures exotic, "Ultra-Low Carbon Footprint" (ULCF) Sports Cars. Our manufacturing processes are as close to carbon neutral as is presently possible . . . resulting in very green cars.