Electric drive trains are a moving target. Your Renew can be configured as anything from a conservative 80 HP commuter to a blistering dragster.

    canna 225                                 canna 525                                  canna EV                             

Delivering 225 HP, at a scant 2,500 lbs, the Turbo upgrade from our friends at Flyin' Miata will give your Renew a power to weight ratio comparable to a Porsche 911 Cabriolet, at roughly half the price. 

Renew Specs

Renew Sports Cars

The first limited production, custom "Signature Series" of Renew's Sports Cars will be powered by race proven drive train intregrators. Carroll Shelby's formula. These sports cars however, can feature all the modern amenities.

Equipped with a high end, 525 HP LS drive train from Flyin' Miata, only experienced racers should choose this configuration. At a scant 2,800 pounds, the Canna 525 has a power to weight ratio equal to million dollar plus super cars...without the same price tag.