Renew Sports Cars

Follow the Cannabis Car on a journey to discover if Cannabis really can save us and save the planet..

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Long before car designers became inspired by shoe boxes, wedges of cheese, and rocket ships, the curvaceous female figure was their guide. The European designers of the 50's had it right all along. Women are sexy, not rocket ships or shoe boxes.

"Rolling Art" reached it's pinnacle on the racetracks of Europe in the 50's and 60's, with exotic roadsters and race cars occasionally driven by the likes of James Bond, James Dean, Steve McQueen, Sophia Loren, and Sterling Moss.

Renew has "renewed" this era of sexy rolling art, with a unique, retro, yet original design that turns heads wherever it goes.


Renew Sports Cars are light weight, Cannabis Hemp bodied sports cars custom made with either gas, biofuel or electric drive trains which range from 100 to 640 HP. Yet they are practical, comfortable vehicles which can be driven in comfort every day no matter what the weather. 

This special Docu-series is produced by Diana Oliver of Thunderbird Productions.