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Renew Sports Cars are custom, made to order Cannabis Hemp bodied sports cars built on the first generation Miata chassis. Buyers can either retain the 4 cylinder Miata motor from the 1990-1997 donor car which needs to be provided, or choose to upgrade to third party provided electric or gas powered drive trains configurable up to 525HP. 

Given that Renew's mission is to make carbon negative vehicles by 2025, we are always striving to make more and more of the components in these cars from plant materials, and find greener ways to power them.

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Renew Sports Cars

This special Docu-series is produced by Diana Oliver of Thunderbird Productions.

Follow the Cannabis Car on a journey to discover if Cannabis really can save us and save the planet..

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Mark Greene interviews the Founder of Renew Sports Cars on Cars Yeah! 

For information regarding Renew Sports Cars call or email Bruce Dietzen at  305-394-1105

For information regarding the Cannabis Car Show call or email Diana Oliver at 469 363-8192